Here at Toot Sweets we get lots of calls and emails every week from companies who want to treat their employees.  Well some lucky employees work for some fantastic companies!

In 2018 we attended a corporate event every week with either our traditional ice cream trike or our hot waffles stand.  Team members were very excited to receive a little wooden ice cream token each and we could see their eager faces peering through the office windows as we were setting up.  As soon as we were ready to go all the staff were queuing up with their ice cream token in hand and choosing their flavour ice cream or sorbet!

Toots have sourced a fantastic vegan waffle cone.  Our cones previously were great, but the new vegan options are even better – large, crunchy and with a great taste!  This means that anyone who is vegan or who has a dairy intolerance can enjoy one of our sumptious sorbet flavours in an ice cream cone.

That’s not all!  We have compostable tubs with little wooden ice cream spoons as well (we do have a small selection of plastic spoons incase anyone has an allergy or aversion to the wooden spoons).  These are perfect for anyone with a gluten intolerance!  We do have gluten free cones available, just make sure you ask us to bring them along in advance.

The soft scoop ice cream is gluten free and it’s all hand-made to order using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.  The only exceptions for gluten free are if you want the chocolate brownie ice cream as the chocolate brownie contains gluten – but with over 150 flavours you’ll be sure to find flavours to suit your event!

Our sorbet is vegan and dairy free.  We can even bring a selection of vegan ice cream flavours if you are holding a vegan event or celebration!

We had several events in 2018 where the company were holding themed celebration days for their team members.  The theme for one event in Gloucestershire was Passion!  So what better flavour to bring than our passion fruit sorbet.  We had so many staff members telling us just how divine this flavour was!  We also took along our blackcurrant and crumble ice cream, vanilla ice cream (this is a staple flavour as so many people just love vanilla), a strawberries & cream ice cream, mint choc chip ice cream and a strawberry sorbet.

Another corporate event had a School Day’s theme for their “treat your employees day”.  We were asked what we would recommend for this event and it was easy:  Belgian Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, Mint Choc Chip, Rhubarb & Custard, Eton Mess, Funky Banana and for the sorbet:  Raspberry sorbet & Mango Sorbet.  Needless to say the freezer was completely empty by the end of service.

As the company is booking us to supply the ice cream the company chooses the flavours for us to bring along!  With 150 flavours to choose from the decision isn’t as easy as you would think but we can help you decide if you need advice.

So what better way to treat your employees than by having a funky ice cream trike arrive, set up in the grounds and provide each of your team members with a scrumptious ice cream.

Did we mention we also bring along a selection of toppings?  Well to go alongside the ice cream there’s a selection of sauces: caramel, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, bubblegum etc as well as jars of different sweet toppings: marshmallows, fudge, flakes, chocolate drops, rainbow drops, sprinkles, mini smarties and many more!  Your very own pimp my ice cream station!

With so many companies choosing us to bring our ice cream trike to treat their staff, if you have a date in mind please book early as our diary fills up quickly.

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March 12, 2019

Treat your employees with sweet treats

Here at Toot Sweets we get lots of calls and emails every week from companies who want to treat their employees.  Well some lucky employees work […]