Are you holding a themed event or celebration and are looking to hire THE best in mobile bar hire?  The Toots team are very creative and we love a good party!  We offer themed mobile bar hire to our customers for each and every event.  It’s important from the outset to create the right atmosphere for you and your guests so we join in the fun with themed menus, outfits and decor and will discuss your ideas and requirements and add a few of our own.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and for every bar hire we create a bespoke drinks menu which we have printed off onto large boards and name the drinks after your theme or people.  Our Team dress up as well and the bar is decorated with your colours.

The Greatest Showman Themed Bar

We had the absolute pleasure to provide a themed mobile bar hire for Lee and Rosie in November 2018 at Moor Farm in Gloucestershire.  It was Rosie’s birthday and Lee had gone to extreme lengths to keep this birthday party a surprise.  How he did it we will never know and guests travelled from all over the UK to attend and arrived either in DJ and Ballgowns or dressed up to match The Greatest Showman Theme with circus outfits galore!

In advance of the party Lee was clear that this was a surprise so contact was to be made sporadically and by email only in case the birthday girl had wind that something was being planned.   After our initial discussion the brief from Lee included:

A themed drinks menu
Team Toots in themed outfits
Veuve Clicquot Champagne (Yellow label) was to be served to guests on arrival
Cocktails were required
Retro sweets bag for all guests
Bag of sweet or salted popcorn required for each guest
It was a pre-paid bar so all drinks would be invoiced after the event

The first thing for Team Toots to think about and organise was the themed drinks menu: and we had great fun coming up with some ideas and we used the songs from the show:

“The Greatest Showman” – Glass of prosecco with shimmer and sparkles added
“Never Enough” – all spirits and mixers
“The Other Side” – ciders, lagers and ales
“Come Alive” – white, rose and red wines
“From Now On” – all soft drinks!

Our cocktails for the Greatest Showman Themed bar included:

“The Amazing Rosie”
This bespoke cocktail named and themed after the birthday girl, consisted of premium Mango Vodka, a large scoop of locally made Champagne Sorbet, Topped up with Prosecco and served in a coupe champagne glass.  To top it off and to fit with the theme for the evening, we added blue or pink cotton candy (candyfloss) to each glass.

“A Million Dreams”
This cocktail was made with a fablous Pink Gin (strawberry & raspberry), a hefty dash of Prosecco, and topped up with Soda.  A touch of fruity garnish and a mini spoonful of unicorn sparkling shimmer to give the drink the sparkle of stars in the sky.

“This is Me”
A premium White rum, a refreshing locally hand-made lime & mint lemonade, lots of ice cubes, some fresh mint and a dash of sugar syrup.

We had sourced a local popcorn maker who provided us with a large bag of salted popcorn and a large bag of sweet popcorn.  To keep with the theme we found some great red and white circus themed paper bags and on arrival we bagged up all the popcorn for the bar and left these in large baskets so guests could help themselves. As the client had requested bags of sweets for the guests a trip to the local sweet shop resulted in a great selection of retro sweets which we bagged up and again placed in large baskets on the bartop.

Welcome drinks of champagne were poured out as guests arrived so it was fresh, cold and sparkling.  Lee had requested we buy the Veuve Clicquot Champagne to serve guests and we provided Sparkling Elderflower for those who were non-drinkers and / or driving.

Staff dressed up in circus themed outfits including Sarah who had gone above and beyond and dyed her hair pink for the occasion.  Sadly she didn’t read the box before applying and what she thought was temporary wash out colour ended up as permanent so the look remained for a few weeks afterwards!

So the themed bar was set out and ready to start in good time and all we needed was for the guests to arrive.

However, Toots arrive earlier than needed to set up to ensure we are fully set up and ready to go and Lee had booked a fantastic 13piece band with 10 West End performers to entertain the guests.  The 3-5 sound crew had set up with a fabulous PA system, lighting for the whole venue and lots of tv screens around the room to play scenes from The Greatest Showman which was used to introduce the band.  Now, as we were set up nice and early we had a private performance of the whole show as the singers warmed up and the band rehearsed the songs.  WOWZERS!  Simply stunning.

On the bar Heather, Sarah and Barney were blown away with the high standard of music and performance and to have our own private performance where we were singing and bopping along gave us a sneaky peak of what was to come was incredible – it made bagging up over 200 popcorn and sweets bags a breeze!

It was time for the guests to arrive and they all needed to be in early so that they could surprise Rosie.  When Rosie arrived the guests were seated and the West End Showband started playing the opening song – WHAT a SOUND!  Hugely impactive and Rosie was totally blown away.

This set the scene for the evening and guests had a great night.  The themed bar and themed drinks went down well and guests were free to order what they wanted as the bar was all pre-paid.  There was a limit on the bar and when we were near the limit we spoke to the client to see if they wanted to switch to a cash bar or carry on with the pre-paid bar.  The limit increased and the bar continued as a free bar but at all times through the night we ensured that the client was happy throughout.

Food was provided by Charcoal.  Now, if you haven’t had their food – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  We contacted Charcoal to book them for this event as the caterer booked had let Lee down at the last minute.  Our friends at Charcoal were available and prepared a themed menu for the event and the food was divine – as always.  If you are looking for food for your event contact Charcoal for a quote – they do smoked BBQ food, home made slaw, haloumi fries and so much more.  The feedback from all the guests on the food was fab.

Our themed mobile bar was a huge hit and here’s what Lee had to say about us:

Hi Sarah

The service and bar from you guys were amazing and could not have been better, so thank you so so much! Your team are amazing and I can see why you use them, such nice, good people, that go beyond, which is so nice to see these days!  If we do anything in future, you are the only person we will use 🙂
Have a great Christmas with your family and loved ones and hope to see you soon.
Lee x
So if you are looking for a quality mobile bar hire for your themed event please get in contact for a quote.  We stock a fantastic arrange of spirits, ciders, ales, wines, soft drinks with a focus on keeping it local!
March 15, 2019

Themed Mobile Bar Hire

Are you holding a themed event or celebration and are looking to hire THE best in mobile bar hire?  The Toots team are very creative and […]