If you are looking to greet your guests with a champagne reception on arrival for your wedding, celebrations, corporate event or dinner dance, have you thought about trying something a little different?

Toot Sweets have a range of boozy sorbet available, including champagne sorbet or pink champagne sorbet, that we serve in mini cocktail glasses with garnish.  We’re not kidding when we say that they look great and they taste AMAZING!  Of course we can also provide you with a champagne bar or prosecco bar as well but on this blog we are talking champagne boozy sorbet…..

Picture the scene:

The ceremony has taken place and the sun is shining!  In the gardens at your venue your friends and family are mingling and greeting each other with smiles and hugs and agreeing that it was THE best ceremony and just how stunning everything looks.  At this point they are all feeling a little parched an are looking around expectantly for something to quench their thirst.

Set up under the shade of a leafy tree is a small rustic bar, decorated with fairy lights and with a vase of locally grown, seasonal flowers from The Blossom Parlour or your florist.  Here stands two team members from Toots who are dressed smartly in 1940’s outfits and smiling broadly as they wait for your  nod that you are ready for them to serve your guests.

On this small rustic bar, lined up and ready to go, are tiny martini or champagne coupe glasses each containing a scoop of champagne or pink champagne sorbet, strawberry garnish and a tiny spoon.

Did you know that Toots can also provide your celebrations with a selection of high quality mobile bars too?  If you add this to your requirements, we can set up our ornate rustic table and set out a variety of different welcome drinks for your guests: Pimms, Prosecco, Champagne, Sparkling Elderflower, bottles or cider or any other tipple of choice.

It’s time for celebration and the Toots team are ready for your guests!  Your guests help themselves to a cocktail glass of sorbet to freshen the pallet and get those taste buds going!  Once consumed and exchanges of “oh my that sorbet is simply divine” they wash this down with a glass of the real thing and once again mingle, chat and giggle the afternoon away.

It doesn’t have to be champagne sorbet of course!

We can provide a variety of cocktail sorbet in shot glasses.  Have a favourite cocktail?  Let us know and we will see if we can get it made for your!  At the moment we can currently provide the following selection of cocktail sorbet flavours: mojito, tequilla sunrise, pimms, apple & cider, espresso martini, bloody mary, G&T sorbet.  Small shot glasses with a tiny spoon and garnish – these are certainly unique and a great addition to any party.

Whatever your requirements – just ask!  We believe in delivering a truly unique experience so will listen to your ideas and see if we can help you make them happen!  Get in contact for a quote and a chat!

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