Toot Sweets have available not one, but two traditional ice cream trikes for hire.  Based just outside of Bristol in the South West of England, our traditional ice cream trikes are unique and beautiful.

Not your average ice cream trike by any means.  Our ice cream trikes have been clad in reclaimed local wood and will fit any theme and look stunning in any venue.  Don’t take our word for it – visit our Facebook page and see the trike set up at many weddings, events and festivals and read some of the customer feedback!

Our traditional ice cream trikes will look lovely in any setting.  But you don’t just need an ice cream trike that looks good – you have to have a great product as well and here at Toots we are extremely fussy!  We have an excellent reputation for providing excellent products and an attentive bespoke service we also serve a range of quality local products for all diets.

What’s included in each quote?

Our traditional ice-cream trike
1-2 members of Toots to serve your guests
YOUR choice of any 5 flavours of ice cream or sorbet
UNLIMITED ice creams and sorbet for your guests
Luxury waffle cones
Ice cream tubs and spoons
90-120 minutes of serving time
Decorations and fairy lights
Basket to hold the waffle cones and tubs
Pretty parasol
Ornate chalkboard to list your flavours

Our Ice cream and sorbet

We have two types of ice cream we can provide for your event depending on the numbers and your budget:

Local Ice creams and sorbet

Our locally made ice cream is suitable for all weddings and events and we have about 40 flavours of ice cream and sorbet for you to choose from. Gluten free, Dairy-free options are all available.  Choose this option if you want your guests to have great ice cream with family favourite flavours.


Artisan ice creams and sorbet

Our artisan ice cream and sorbet range is exceptional quality, locally hand-made to order and we have a range of over 150 flavours currently available.  Flavours in this range are extremely varied: Whisky & Marmalade, Guiness, Mojito, Blackcurrant & Apple Crumble etc, and is the ice cream of choice for high-end events all over the UK. Colouring, additive and preservative free, gluten free, dairy free options, vegan ice creams and sorbet available.  Choose this option if you are after an artisan ice cream or you really want to impress your guests!


Toots source our quality local products very carefully and will only have the very best products available.  All our ice creams are served in large waffle cones or compostable tubs with a spoon and we can bring along our Butlers Tray full of sticky sauces and sweet toppings for your guests to “pimp their ice cream”.

Complicated Dietary requirements?

Here at Toots we like to cater for everyone and we don’t want to leave anyone out!  Our clients have been impressed with the range of products we have available, our attention to detail and our high quality service.  If you have guests that require us to pay attention to their diet and allergies it’s not an issue for Toots!

Vegan?  Not a problem.  We have a selection of vegan ice creams and a large choice of quality sorbet for you to choose from.  All served in VEGAN waffle cones – crunchy, tasty and large.  If you don’t like waffle cones we can serve scoops of vegan ice cream and sorbet into compostable tubs with wooden spoons.

Dairy Free?  Also not a problem.  We have a selection of great sorbet flavours available and you can also have these served in our vegan luxury waffle cones or compostable tubs with a spoon.

Gluten Free?  All our ice creams and sorbet are gluten free!  We can supply your event with gluten free waffle cones too just let us know when you book!  We also serve gluten free ice creams and sorbet in compostable tubs with a spoon.

Nut allergy?  We keep any nuts and nut flavour ice creams away from other flavours and use a separate scoop to serve.  Flavours such as nutella, pistachio, almond etc…. if you have these flavours as a choice for your event we are extremely careful to keep everything separate to ensure anyone with nut allergies are not at risk.


Boozy Sorbet

Looking for something a bit different? How about serving up a selection of Boozy sorbet to your guests?  We have a range of fruit sorbet and also boozy/tipsy sorbet available and these can be served in small paper cups or mini cocktail glasses!  Here’s a selection of our flavours:  Gin & Tonic, Boozy Berry, Mojito, Champagne, Pink Champagne, Apple & Cider, Melon & Pimms. Bloody Mary etc.  Want something different?  Just ask – all the sorbet is made to order and we can ask if a particular flavour can be made especially for your event!


March 14, 2019

Traditional Ice Cream Trike

Toot Sweets have available not one, but two traditional ice cream trikes for hire.  Based just outside of Bristol in the South West of England, our […]