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June 22, 2017
Hot Chocolates
June 22, 2017

Prosecco.  It’s the new Champagne dhaling.  Well it’s fruity, bubbly, affordable, extremely drinkable and so adaptable for making cocktails and spritzing it up to suit any event so what’s not to love?

Our Vintage Van Belle is adaptable.  That means we can change the internal layout to suit any event and theme.  So we thought we would offer an Adult Ice Cream Van but serving Prosecco on tap (which is actually legally called Italian Sparkling Wine as Prosecco is only Prosecco when it is served from a bottle – but it’s essentially the same stuff)

Of course, we can also set up with an ice cream and boozy option too so it IS actually an adult’s ice cream van.  We have the best hand-made ice creams and boozy sorbets available.  Think Melon & Pimms as a sorbet served in a miniature waffle cone. Or Champagne sorbet served up in a mouthsized chocolate cup.  Or a Baileys icecream dolloped on a large waffle cone with a flake chucked on top for good measure.  We have nearly 100 flavours of ice cream and sorbet that you can choose from.

But… back to the Prosecco – it’s a perfect fit for festival weddings, woodland weddings, beach weddings, weddings in your back garden (if you have the room).  It’s also perfect for any proms, corporate events, birthday parties, festivals, sporting events and such like.

With Prosecco on tap via a large barrel we can keep serving your guests all afternoon and evening.  We can provide bottles of the stuff too if you want?

Prosecco is so adaptable too that we can make bespoke cocktails especially for your event.  We use our boozy sorbet instead of ice so that we can add that extra layer of flavour and texture to your tipple.  Or perhaps just a solitary raspberry, strawberry or a syrup.  Perfect for welcome drinks, toasting drinks or, let’s face it, any drink!  Our favourite is a scoop of our Champagne Sorbet, a dash of Chase Rhubarb Vodka, a splash of prosecco and served with a flourish – Oh. My! Just perfect!

We provide all the glasses and serving staff for the duration of your hire / event.  You choose if you want to pre-pay for the service or if you prefer we can keep a tab going so you can pay at the end.  Not all of us have that kind of budget so you can also ask us to attend your event and your guests pay as they go or do a mixture of pre.-paying for some drinks up to a limit and then guests paying as they go.

Of course, Belle has so many different options available you may want to add one of our other services to the Prosecco bar?  Perhaps a cider option? Wine bar? Coffees/Teas/Hot Chocolates for later when the evening starts getting chilly? Or maybe you would like us to add on our ice creams or waffles?

There are so many options available to you so you can truly adapt our vintage van to suit your event and create something amazing!  Contact us for a bespoke quote and a friendly chat!

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