Dapper Flappers
January 31, 2016
Mmmm Treats!
January 31, 2016

New Flavours

We have over 75 flavours of ice creams, sorbets and boozy sorbets to choose from – all incredibly creamy in taste, additive and preservative free and all completely gorgeous!

If you want something a little different just ask as we’re sure we can arrange to have it made for you.  We only use Granny Gothard’s ice creams and they are made fresh from farm to pot in one day.  We were recently asked if we could make rose flavour ice cream so we’re working on that one – rose flavour is always a tricky one to work with as it can be an overpowering flavour.

The sorbets are all vegan friendly too and you won’t believe that they are not ice creams as the flavour and texture is incredibly creamy – but without any dairy at all!


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