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June 22, 2017
Prosecco Bar Hire in and around Bristol
June 22, 2017

When I think of a Cocktail Bar I still see a young Tom Cruise juggling bottles and schmoozing the ladies in the Hollywood film and I think that was the time for me when cocktails made a comeback and it’s popularity increased.  Of course there are lots of different cocktails and new recipes are invented daily.

Our vintage van Belle is available as a Cocktail Bar should the occasion arise.  We are a little different to other cocktail/mobile bar providers – firstly we have an AWESOME vintage van to serve you from and secondly, all our cocktails are bespoke to the event using the only the freshest local ingredients.  We buy local and we also love supporting other local suppliers – which also helps our carbon footprint.  But we don’t just stock anyone – we choose wisely and our suppliers are always of the highest quality too!

We stock locally made gins, vodkas, spirits and mixers.  We stock local wines, ciders and ales too. We can provide bottles of prosecco but use barrels of Italian Sparkling Wine which is essentially prosecco in a barrel!

To make our cocktails we use our boozy sorbets instead of ice to add that extra layer of flavour and texture which means we can also create bespoke cocktails for our clients that suit their event and personal tastes.  We can of course do the standard cocktails too but find that making cocktails to suit our clients tastes and budgets works much better.

So if you book us for your event expect to come along for a tasting session so that you can join us in experimenting and creating your own cocktails with local ingredients so you are 100% happy with the choice of cocktails being served at the event.  It’s a hard life we know but somebody has to do it!

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